JIM WEIDER Jim Weider - Electric Guitar
In addition to touring with The Band, Jim has fronted his own bands since the late 1980s and released his first solo recording of Many Rivers To Cross on Woodstock Holiday (Pioneer Records, Japan) in 1993. Since 1997, Jim has released 3 albums and has devoted much of his time to his current band. Jims been a featured guest twice on both The House of Blues Radio Hour, hosted by Dan Akroyd, and on The Guitar Show, hosted by Kevin Bacon.

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MITCH STEIN Mitch Stein - Electric Guitar
Mitch” Moose” Stein’s is a world class guitarist capable of infusing all modern styles together with a rare and organic ease. His guitar playing has big ambient sounds to fat distorted power chords and leads, to funky rhythm. and always improvising keeps things exciting. Mitch has toured as a member of the Steve Kimock Band for the past five years ,also with Dave Sanborn , Tania Maria ,Randy Brecker,Bill Evans and his group The Hermanators .

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RODNEY HOLMES Rodney Holmes - Drummer
Rodney Holmes in the new millennium is writing music and playing Drums in ways which augur something new ! His amazing technique, impeccable time , driving beat and creative grooves is the foundation for JWB. He has performed as a member of the Steve Kimock Band, also toured with the Brecker Brothers /Santana/ Wayne Shorter/Leni Stern,his group The Hermanators and many more !.

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STEVE LUCAS Steve Lucas - Bass
Steve Lucas is a major touring and session musician . He is sought after for his diverse playing styles. He has played in the best studios in the world including Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios in the U.K and has appeared on the Mountain Stage program several times as well as The David Letterman Show. His foundation in jazz and Fusion was influenced by the methodology Bruce Lee used which was to combine the most powerful aspects of different styles. Steve’s bass playing shows why his solid grooves keeps him on the list of those who like to have a solid floor to stand on. .

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