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hi Jim, tanx for the intimate and truly spellbinding experience at Castaway's this past thursday...

Robbin Mizener
Band: Pussy Patrol
Location: Ithaca, NY, USA
Posted: 12/14/2005 11:02:46 AM
Bash, glad you liked the Western NY
shows.  Are you saying G-Man was sipping
more than "Cup of Soup"? 
Our best to Butch Dener and here's to speedy recovery.

Rick S..
Location: Suffern, NY, USA
Posted: 12/13/2005 1:53:15 PM
Wow-great news re: Butch.

Bashful Bill
Location: Minoa, NY, USA
Posted: 12/13/2005 12:11:53 PM
I am a Percolator virgin no longer. Two nights in a row in Rochester&Buffalo, respectively. Wasn't sure what to expect, & wasn't certain I would really like it. I had heard a couple shows which a friend downloaded for me, and I don't usually gravitate towards this kind of music. But I thoroughly enjoyed both shows(Rochester was the slightly better of the two). 5 superb musicians who can play their asses off, and they made alot of new fans on both nights. I have been watching&listening to Jim play since 84 or 85, & have always sang his praises to anyone who would listen to me. I was elated when he released Bigfoot,have watched him grow his talent, & have had the unexpected pleasure  of getting  to know him-& Rando- personally over the last few years. After these past Friday&Saturday nites, I am convinced that Jim can do virtually anything on a guitar that he sets his mind to.
  Not only was the music great, but G-Man & I were the only road warriors present this time, but we did just fine, especially on his home turf on Sat. I would sum up our experience in a single phrase: A G-Man in his cups is a happy G-Man.

Bashful Bill
Location: Minoa, NY, USA
Posted: 12/13/2005 12:06:07 AM
Sending out our thoughts and prayers for
Butch Dener tonight. He finally found a
donor and is in surgery as I write this.
Let's send out those positive Road Warrior Vibes tonight.

Donna 'Philly D' Hansen
Location: Phila.,, PA, USA
Posted: 12/12/2005 10:08:17 PM
Great Show in Ithaca last Thursday.  I Enjoyed completely.  It is so great to have such a great collection of talent so close by in woodstock.  It was my daughters first real show at a bar.  I hope the drunks didn't scare her away from future shows.  Watching in such an intimate atmosphere is always fun.  I saw everything,from the most elegant to woops... Uh... wheres one?

Thanks again.

John Wiley
Location: Marietta, NY, USA
Posted: 12/12/2005 9:48:55 AM

Jan 14 Midnight Ramble......The Honky Tonk Gurus are BACK!!!!!!
See you there!

Mikey Lenahan
Band: Tonedeaf All-stars
Location: Clinton, NJ, USA
Posted: 12/8/2005 4:50:20 PM
It had been a long time since Jim Weider Band played in NYC, but the show at the Cutting Room was worth the wait.  We saw musicians of the highest caliber surround Jim Weider, and somehow the band's leader shined amongst these stars with soaring telecaster notes.  We were amazed with the sound. Great to talk to Jim and friends, the T-Shirts are quality! 
The Cutting Room was packed so I hope they'll be back. Great venue.
PS: If the guy from Philly who taped the show can contact me at we'd really appreciate it.

Eddie H..
Location: Queens, NY, USA
Posted: 12/2/2005 4:36:32 PM
hope everyone had a great holiday  so glad all the "people" are making the shows  must admit .....a bit jealous  Sounds like the Cutting Room was a big one    Looks like the next shows for me will be in Vermont    If you scan this John Cass  please write me  I need some info on Lodging close to the club  I love the 2 nighters!!    Carol thanks for the sweet words  always a pleasure seeing you too  Quite an informative reveiw there kay    Hope to see you all soon    Love to all of you  Keep kickin' boys  Ruby

Ruby 'Ruby' Cotter
Location: USA
Posted: 11/29/2005 4:14:38 PM
Happy Thanksgiving to the JWB crew and all the Road Warriors. Sounds like NYC show rocked the house!!! Looking foreword to Rochester and Buffalo; snow will be gone by Dec. 10th!!!! DAve Z nice photo of the family; like the three kids almost grown and off to work to keep my social security solvent-go Zuckers!!!!

G-man G'ter
Location: USA
Posted: 11/26/2005 2:24:02 PM

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